Business Process Consulting | Certified Mobile, iPhone, Android and Windows Apps Development Boutique. We offer decades of experience in and mobile deployment. We can realize your ideas to apps quickly. Create mobile apps in Toronto; you've come to the right mobile development shop. We are dedicated team of project managers, business analysts, programmers and graphic designers based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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Toronto's Popular Salesforce/iPhone/Android Mobile Apps Development Boutique
Tao Te is the premier Salesforce mobile boutique in Toronto. We are located in the heart of Toronto's financial district. Our service has attracted businesses from all over Toronto including North York, Scarbrough, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Markham and Mississuaga. We offer both remote and onsite consultation. Some of our clients are also from the United States of America.  
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"Health Wealth" for Android on Google Play
Wikipedia for life skills on Android. This cross platform App utilizes Amazon EC cloud to synchonize data.
United SA - Mobile on Android and iTune
Secured access to United SA accounts. Registered users can view account history, transfer funds and make loan payments

"Health Wealth" for iPhone/iPad on iTune
Wikipedia for life skills on iTune. This cross platform App utilizes Amazon EC cloud to synchronize data.

IVM for on iTune
Inventory Management (IVM) is only available for Dominion Enterprise users. Users can quickly scan, search and upload inventory data

"Health Wealth" for HTML5 on Facebook
Wikipedia for life skills for the social media web. This cross platform App utilizes Amazon EC cloud to synchronize data.

The Vendor Hub on iTune
The Vendor Hub connects B2B real estate professionals with vendors in their areas using geo-location.
Plus Many More...
Create an App in 1 Week!

So you’re thinking about creating a business app for iPhone, iPad, Android to connect with your existing data. The idea of a business app sounds amazing, but which app development boutique will be perfect for you? Here at Tao Te Apps, our belief is that anyone can create and have a presence on the mobile platform, every business should have an app, and that the best business is the one automate all aspects of the business process. We cater to business of all sizes, literally from “everything pen and paper” to “100% on the mobile cloud, ubiquitous presence”.
Our development boutique offers many different types of services. Our services range from Business Process consulting in Marketing, Salesforce and Customer Support, Call Center Automation to Graphic Design, iPhone, IPad, Android, Windows and Mobile Apps development. We are located in the heart of Toronto's financial district. Our team of MBAs, analysts, graphic designers and engineers are experienced and talented in all business sectors. We pride ourselves in our ability to make our clients feel comfortable in our welcoming, friendly and social atmosphere.


We've Brought 100's of Business Ideas to Apps!

Professional designed and programmed apps by highly qualified analysts and engineers.
Our capabilities span multiple platforms and technologies. We probably have an app for which ever device you are holding in your palm.
Dedicated and certified professionals will help you through your app journey.
Rapid Prototyping. If you have an idea and need a working prototype build, we offer flat-rate 1 week rate.
On Demand Engineering. If you need to adapt your existing app to another platform, we can help. We build native applications for iPhone, Android, Windows and mobile.

Tao Te Apps located in the heart of financial district in Toronto, Ontario. We are a team of friendly people with a true passion for mobile best practice and excellence. Of all the other mobile service providers in Toronto, Tao Te Appsis in a class of it's own.


Mobile Apps Development & Business Process Consulting for All:
Inventors, Small and Medium Business Automations

Tao Te Apps is located at Bay and Lakeshore in the heart of the financial district in Toronto Ontario. We offer multiple service for inventors, small and medium businesses. You can start with our 1 week prototyping retainer see what your app would look like. More complicated apps take more time. Our team members are dedicated professionals who will help make your app creation experience an amazing one.

Your Chance to Attract New Customers
Prototype Your App Fast and Easy
Create Apps are Fun and Enjoyable
Our Team is Friendly & Professional
We understand that you may not have any app development experience, which is why all our service is catered to you. We will set you on the right course from the start. We love making your business more productive while driving down the operating cost. We are people-friendly and enjoy meeting new people, give us a call!
Have some questions? We answer your questions and concerns 7 days/week. Call us now!
Acquire New Customers And Solidify Existing Customer Relationships Through Your Business' Mobile Presence! Over 100 000+ App Downloads
  Acquire new customers and maintain existing customer relationships by establishing your business' mobile presence. We have over 100 000+ app downloads across various platforms. We share our skills and expertise in Toronto to teach FREE workshops to small business owners regularly. We offer a fun and friendly for our clients.
  Maintain customer relationships through your apps on iPhone, Android and
  Enjoy the easeness of no software installation, no hardware setup, and no need to set up your internal IT infrastructure
  Learn how to market your apps from our experts
  Automate your business processes to save resource


Toronto's BEST Mobile Experts!

We have world class mobile experts on location. App development can be very time and resource intensive. We've brought 100's of apps across multiple different platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile service, and we can help you too. We're going to walk you through all the basic steps from app store submission process to app design and programming. Our in-house mobile experts have decades of management consulting experience. We offer you the consultative approach to make sure all the moving pieces fit into your company's vision.

  Toronto Mobile Experts
Our mantra is our clients are masters of their businesses. Our clients should not see app development work as a challenge. We, at Tao Te Apps, get immense joy from being able to help business succeed. Let us take on the challenge of your infrastructure, so you can really focus on your business.
  We Offer 1 on 1 consultations to fully understand your requirements
  Group Training Sessions for Company Events
  Regular Follow-Ups and Support
iPhone/Android/ Mobile Apps Development in Downtown Toronto

Our app development boutique is located conveniently in the heart of Toronto's financial district between Yonge and Bay street. We are a team of project managers, business analysts, graphic designers and engineers. We are also certified.
Our App Prototypes usually take in the period of 1 to 4 weeks depending on the requirement. We will sit down with you 1 on 1 to fully understand your requirement before we start any work. We know mobile. We released apps on iPhone, Android, Windows and platforms. If you have an idea for an app, we are here to listen and implement. Let us take on the challenging of managing your technology and infrastructure, so you can focus on your business process.

Don't listen to us! Listen to what our customers have to say! Toronto iPhone/Android/ Consulting
Toronto Mobile Development Boutique
Have an idea for an app? Submit your app in 1 week!.
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Welcome to Tao Te We want you to have a great experience with our service. If you’ve come here with a question or comment, we're here to listen. If you’re looking for the answer to something, check out our Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked. You should be able to find all the answers there (FAQs). And if you don't find what you need, feel free to contact us.

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